Welcome to Belmont Flag Football League 2019 Season. 


ALL Players need to stay off the varsity soccer field right next to main parking lot. There no practice or playing on that field on Sundays. Teams can practice on the back grass football field and turf soccer field (when not used).


Even though there are sign stating NO Parking on Evergreen and Edmonds Way,  we still had some people parking there.  Just a heads up, if anyone does park there, there is a good chance your car may be towed.  So please do not park on these streets.

YOU can park on the Belmont Hill campus but Do NOT park in labels saves. If anyone does park there, there is a good chance your car may be towed. So please do not park their also.

Belmont Hill School has been nice enough to let use the fields and athletic center for the bathrooms. No unattended players/sibling will be allowed inside the athletic center accept for direct use of the bathrooms. If we have any incidents, we will have NO use of the bathrooms.

Thank you for your attention to these details and we look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.

Unless there is Lightning, ALL games are on each Sunday.

Sunday 11/3 Week #9 Super Bowl Sunday

ALL playoff and Super Bowl games are noted

10:30 AM
Super BowlField1Division 1AASaintsvsChiefs
Field2Division 1AAPackersvsVikings
Field3Division 1PatriotsvsBrowns
Field4Division 1RaidersvsDolphins
Field5Division 1ACowboysvsEagles
11:15 AM
Super BowlField1Division 1ChargersvsSteelers
Field2Division 2PanthersvsPatriots
PlayoffField3Division 2EaglesvsChiefs
PlayoffField4Division 2VikingsvsPackers
Field5Division 1A49ersvsEagles
12:00 PM
Super BowlField1Division 1APanthersvsChiefs
Field3Division 2DolphinsvsCowboys
Field4Division 2RaidersvsFalcons
Field5Division 2ChargersvsSteelers
12:45 PM
Super BowlField1Division 2Winnersof11:15 Games
 Field3Division 2ColtsvsSaints
Field4Division 2RavensvsBrowns
Field5Division 2Ramsvs49ers
1:30 PM
Super BowlField1Division 3RaidersvsEagles
Field3Division 3SteelersvsBrowns
Field4Division 3PanthersvsSaints
Field5Division 3PatsvsChargers

1. FOR SALE EVERY Sunday :

A. Mouth Guards $5

B. NFL Flag Footballs – Only $25 each (Limited Supply, NFL discontinued the footballs)

C. Cold Drinks and concessions

2. There are still limited spots available in each of the leagues. Once the leagues are full, we will take no other players.

If you want to register your son and/or daughter, in the next day:

  1. Go to the registration section of this website and complete the online registration
  2. Mail is $185 payment and email confirm from the online registration
  3. Sign up the player for NFL Secondary Insurance

A. Insert zip code 02478

B. Select Belmont Flag Football

C. Have the player join the league **** Also, please email to make sure there are still openings.

If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact (email or call) us.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 9/2. 

 Belmont Flag Football