As we are all well aware of we are in unprecedented times and dealing with many different variables that literally change on a daily basis. We have state and local agencies to deal with and many, many safety guidelines. To run the league safely and correctly, the proposed start date has been moved back to Sunday 9/27.

Once we have all of the protocols in place, we will be contacting all registered players. We look forward to an exciting, safe and fun 2020 fall season.

The Bay State No-Contact Flag Football League is one the original NFL Flag Football Leagues in Massachusetts. BFFL is the official NFL Flag Football League for Belmont, MA and surrounding towns. In addition, to the league has many players from towns all over the state.

The league is a proud member of the NFL Flag Program and the directors have run many different youth sports leagues in Belmont for over 2 decades. In addition, they have established and run other many successful youth flag football league all over Massachusetts.

The games will be played by the Official NFL Flag Football rules. Each player who is placed a team will receive an reversible NFL Flag jersey with NFL team colors and logos and a set of NFL flags. All games will be played the official NFL Flag footballs and played on field turf.

Registration for Bay State Flag Football League is open and we are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2020 league for children who are currently school age from age 5 through 15.

Games will be played on Sundays and practices will be 45 minutes to an hour BEFORE game time each Sunday. In general, the game times will be between 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM. The season will consist of 9 weeks which will include a free youth football clinic, regular season games plus play-off games. The anticipated first date is Sunday September 27, 2020.

Please do not wait till the last minute because once we hit capacity we may turn some players away.

THIS Fall 2020, games will be played in Watertown. Players who register for the league is will get a reversible NFL jersey, NFL Flags and play with NFL Flag Footballs.  In addition, all players will be enrolled in the NFL Flag / NFL Play 60 program. There will be separate divisions for the different age groups as stated below.

Division Groups:

Division 4: Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades
Division 3: 3rd, 4th and 5th grades
Division 2: 6th, 7th and 8th
NEW: Division 1 : HS Division: 9th & 12th Grade